"Rap with the guys" q&a after church @Kitwe Greater Grace
"A sea of people" @Chisokone Market (Kitwe, Zambia)
"1st Africa ordination" with Dr Stevens & Pst Scibell 1988? @Ghana
Pastor Scibelli 2011 @Emmasdale (Lusaka, Zambia)

"Texas Tuition Center" @Kamitondo Township (Kitwe, Zambia)

"ABD on the Bigscreen" with Dr Stevens - Romans 1990 class (Kitwe, Zambia)

"Spoon fed" - Micah & Sarah @ Kwacha compound/township (Kitwe, Zambia)

"New Student Breakfast" August 2011 (Kitwe, Zambia)

*I hope these pictures capture a little of the ministry here.
*We have been seeing God rescue, redeem, salvage, desperate, shipwrecked lives of this world. 
*Jesus Christ is so good and we are so honored to be able to represent His grace here as He ministers, nourishes, restores, and then builds together for Himself, a Body of believers in Kitwe.

*Thank you for your prayers and kind support of God's work here in Zambia. We are constantly overwhelmed.

The Speedy Family