Love from the Speedy family

Wishing you a Special Merry Christmas from the Speedy family!
In this season of greater focus on the greatest Man in history, the unique Savior, born 2000 years ago, let's pray that more souls are salvaged this Christmas and the coming year of 2017.
A few little prayer alerts and praise reports that are in our hearts......
  • PRAYER ALERT- CONGO: Pray for peace... Please pray for Pastor Emile and the Congo, which has experienced some turbulence recently, due to postponed elections and an expired presidential term. 
  • PRAISE REPORT - LAND: Almost there... We want to praise God for answering prayer and allowing us to raise a large part of the money needed for our church in Congo to acquire their own land, thanks to the kind help of both a South African church and a dear S.A. family, who continue to stand with us faithfully. We are amazed at God's faithfulness to us, and this ministry.
  • PRAYER REQUEST - P. JABU: In our hearts... Please keep in your prayers Pastor Jabulani of Pretoria, along with his 3 young children, who this past week lost their lovely wife and mother suddenly, to heaven's gain. Only God truly knows, understands, comforts, and heals the broken hearted. We are broken with him and pray for him often.
  • PRAISE REPORT - BABY SPEEDY: Coming soon... Praise God with us for our good news, the 4th Speedy baby, another boy, due in April! Praying for a Speedy delivery!
  • PRAYER REQUEST - TRAVELS: The baby's due date has affected my ability to go to ZamCon in April, but I am planning a trip to Morocco in March, and further travels after the baby's birth, God willing. We are contacted so often by our friends in Tanzania and Zambia, it is hard to not travel.
Thank you for having us in your hearts, we so appreciate everyone who prays for us.
Love from the the Speedy's