Latest Developments in Kitwe

Latest Developments in Kitwe

KITWE, Zambian Copperbelt - Latest developments below. Momentum is great. Please pray as you read:-

[Pictures: Micah on outreach; Video class on big screen].
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* New convert:- stronghold here is alcoholism, we are seeing real effect from the daily outreaches
* New bible college students:- eager, humble, mostly men, from all over, currently in week 2, full time
* New outreach teams:- 4 teams, taking areas around Kitwe, Saturdays
* New dormitory:- just opened, housing 2, space for 2 more
* Additional classes in next city:- added Survey of Doctrine (live) + ABD (video), in Chingola

* Pastor Scibelli's visit - October 18-19
* Continued covering - health of family
* Continued peace and stability - election campaign season
* Housing - near church, Christian landlord

Pastor Adam, Melinda, Micah & Noah Speedy
The Zambian Copperbelt