Angels In The Zambian Copperbelt?

Angels In The Zambian Copperbelt?

Video: Heb10:14 message preached in Chingola, the morning we 
broke down, just before coming to Baltimore.


THE BUSH, Zambian Copperbelt - I had been preaching Sunday morning in Chingola, a city about 45 minutes north of Kitwe. Pastor Emile was filling in for me in our city, Kitwe. On our drive back we suddenly found ourselves broken-down in the bush about 20 minutes outside of Kitwe. This was not a good situation for foreigners & especially us, as I'm not too car savvy!

So I get out of the car and hear a voice.. "need any help?".. coming from the bush.
It's a guy getting out of his car, from a side path/ dirt road.

I said, "Hey I recognize you!"
We had met on evangelism the previous month, as we found common shelter during a thunder shower.

I asked, "Know anything about cars?"

"Yes".. he answered.. "I'm a qualified mechanic!"

He ended up towing us home, and driving from Chingola the next day with the replacement part. We also had a great time of fellowship with him. When he left I was astounded at the instant timing, the fact that we had made contact with him last month, almost wondering if it was real!

The following day I noticed our assistant feeling a bit down because the attendance had not been that good while he was filling in for me in Kitwe.

I tried to build him up and encourage him. Later that morning at outreach, a man suddenly walks up to him and offers to buy him a coke.

They sit down together, and the man says, "I'm a pastor in Lusaka...
And I believe God led me to you to tell you this story...."

A friend of mine was church planting a few years ago.
One Sunday he got to church and there was no one there.

So he said,... I'll just preach to the chairs!!!
And he did!!!!

The following Sunday there were a few people. Then 15. Then it grew.
And now the church is thriving."

The pastor then left the restaurant. My assistant was amazed at God's personal ministry to him.

Angels unaware!?
Pray for the Speedy's trip back to Zambia this month.

Other prayer requests:
1) Noah's medical exam this week - so far his kidney results have been all good but this is the final clearance... (though he already has his baby-passport & ticket!)                    
2) Melinda's trip -  as she travels alone with the children to meet up with me in London on the 17th August, before heading back to Zambia together.