Promised "Z pictures" (from Africa)...

Promised "Z pictures" (from Africa)...

Pictures from Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe & Zambia: click on any to see them bigger! 
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Happy thanksgiving!


  The 1 hour long, very hot journey to a Church service under a tree prompted me to use my Bible for shade! “the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand” Ps.121:5

 Service under a tree - A Tanzanian that had studied a year in our Kenya Bible School, and was now living back in Tanzania has a few people that meet in his yard for a Bible study. He invited us to come and share the word with them. They are in the northern part of the capital, Dar Salaam. 

An interesting store in dar salaam, back on the mainland 

 Chicken for dinner! - People will buy a live chicken for dinner and transport it in a bag with a hole in it for the chicken's head!!


 The guide - at the "Zanzi Resort" (who showed us around). Hot and exhausted we found this exclusive oasis on the coast... they had an ice cold coke and, after enquiring about room prices ($980!!!).. I told him I'd “check with my wife”! 
Zanzi-Resort - We refreshed ourselves here with a coke!

 Matt, Jo & I - Wearing my wet towel for “portable ac”. 
 Not a restaurant - getting on another random bus we came across this little hut made with palm branches and scrap material with the most helpful sign!

Amazing sunsets in Zanzibar


 Desiring Bible school - this young man next to me has been praying for the opportunity to go to Bible school.

 “Prison Island”

Checking the news!

Zanziberry artist at work... whilst on a call! 
 Jo with some Massai's in traditional garb!


 Zambian Pastors - Travelled days by busses to Zimbabwe, Kitwe, South Africa... amazing soldiers!

 Evangelizing in Zimbabwe - I had the best time I've ever had. Amazing receptivity, their hard recent history and 92% unemployment, has contributed to a certain openness to spiritual things. Their education and english level is excellent, communicating is very easy there.

 230 students in the bible college in Zimbabwe


 Leadership conference in Kitwe

 This is Pastor Benson's family - His father on the right got saved at the service! He was at first resisting Benson coming to Bible school, but now is incredibly grateful, by his own testimony, at the positive influence it has had in his family and sons life.