Zan Zim Zam!

Zan Zim Zam!

We are going to Tanzania Zanzibar Zimbabwe and Zambia this month... zzz!

Tanzania, Zanzibar 

Zimbabwe - A new work
This is a new work for Greater Grace in the region. There has been a great response, with more than 200 students
coming to a new semester of Bible college this month. We will be joining Pastor Scibelli & Pastor Renaldo in Harare after my Tanzania adventure.

Zambia - An expanding work
I'm so excited that from Zimbabwe we will all be moving on to Zambia. We will have a time in Lusaka, the capital, where our first churches were planted in the country in 2004. Then we plan to take a 6hr bus ride with about 35 leaders to Kitwe in the north. We will be joined by disciples from Congo and meet at the Kitwe church for a leadership seminar with Pastor Scibelli. 

Please pray for traveling mercies and great ministry opportunities. 

Thank you to all who pray for us and all who have helped us. Together, our continued investment in the leadership in Kitwe, as well as the Bible college dorm, and the travels back to the region of Zambia and Tanzania, is bearing fruit. Thank you for your heart for us all.

Love Pastor Adam, Melinda, Micah, Noah & Aliza Speedy