Breaking Out

Breaking Out

P. Adam & Benson, who will be receiving his ordination at ZamCon
A zealous sketch board spectator once told Pastor Chris Arman: "It's really breaking out!"

In Exodus when the Law was given, they were told not to come near, lest He break out against them.
Under grace, we are told to draw near with a true heart and full assurance of faith!

Easter is
 a time when we celebrate the unthinkable unimaginable miracle of Christ dying for us and breaking out of the grave!

As humans we can get stuck like the ram in the thicket; stuck, in a rut, in a mold, in a place, in mental blocks, in a concept, in a program, and ultimately putting God in a box. I thank God that He is above all that! "Our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased!! Ps115.3
He is sovereign. He is above barriers. He can do above and beyond what we could ever ask or think or imagine!

As we head to Africa this Monday, my wife and I are excited and amazed to see the work of God. It's more than a program, it's a sovereign work of God, beyond us. We are going with Aliza, our daughter, and leaving the boys with the Roberge Grandparents for a few weeks (please keep them in your prayers)!

Pray also for ZamCon in Lusaka, the graduation, the ordination etc, where we hope to see Zambians, P. Chris & the Malawians, P. Renaldo & the Zimbabweans, Congolese and many more! Also pray for our trip up to Kitwe. God bless,
p. Adam & Melinda