The ministry: Real Love for people

The ministry: Real Love for people

Love from God is very powerful. We often wonder what we can do to really make a difference. What is the key?

Is it saying something? Having some wise understanding or knowledge? Doing some miraculous thing? Removing people's problems? Giving goods? Or even giving yourself?!
Our religious flesh would get excited at the list and have us pursue these as the answer.

But the answer is not one of these, in and of itself. They profit "nothing" without God's love, in 1Co13.2-3. It is deeper. It is God's love, Who God is, in 1Jn4.8, which manifests itself in so many ways. The list above, but right down to a glass of water, a touch, a word, a look, our time, but motivated by Agape.

The picture above is Micah Speedy, his hair being touched by a group of about 50 children, as we evangelize in their area, where foreigners do not tread. He does not seem to mind!

Being with them, where they are at, you really start to get a sense of the heart of Jesus Christ for humanity, poured out in you by the Holy Spirit like a river, in Ro5.5

This week a young man called. One of 7 young men who live together the other side of Kitwe. Got a tract. Was touched. Came. Heard. Was touched again. Brought a friend. And just being with, was ministered to.

You can't put this in a box or a formula. It can't be manufactured. It's not natural. Jesus washing his disciples' dirty feet (including Judas'); Joseph having his undeserving brothers' feet washed. But it can be received. And manifested. It's what people REALLY need. God's love.